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This articles looks at further considerations in regards to the 4G product.

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  • Am I able to stay on my current plan and simply pay more for the 4G connection?

The 4G connection is a different plan completely with Optus.  You will need to change plans to obtain access to the 4G network.


  • Will 4G use up more of my data allowances?
4G will not use up more of your data allowances.  However, as it is faster than 3G, you may find yourself using more apps, websites and watching more videos in a shorter space of time as you aren't waiting for as long for each page or item to load and run.  Ultimately this ability to do more with your data connection will create a higher use of your allowances and potentially cause over allowance usage.  We recommend picking a 4G plan that will give you some room to use that extra bit more through the month.

  • What are the benefits of 4G/LTE?

4G can provide faster download speeds and more reliable data connections for mobile devices than existing mobile services, which will significantly improve the performance of demanding applications such as streaming video, video conferencing, gaming and cloud services.

4G can make every day activities like ordering shopping or connecting with friends online via mobile devices quicker, smoother and more enjoyable.

4G will also provide a platform on which a new generation of mobile internet services can grow. It is similar to the arrival of superfast broadband for the fixed line internet.

Further, 4G offers a potential solution to the challenges of providing broadband in rural areas, and will help promote digital inclusion.


  • Will there be tablet (e.g. iPad) compatible plans?
All our current SIMs for our plans are compatible with tablets.  Whilst we haven't been informed otherwise, we believe that Optus will allow the use of our plans with tablets.

  • Why is there a price difference between 4G & 3G?
Optus have invested, and will continue to invest, considerably in forming and developing the new 4G network.  Therefore they pass on the costs in order to be able to maintain the network and expand it so that more customers can access its benefits.

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