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Parental Control

Allow parent to configure the mobile services which they have under their name for their teenager to use via the website.  Configuration include:

- Schedule time for mobile service to be active e.g. shutdown service overnight between 10:00pm to 7:00am except for incoming call/sms from a specified mobile number (i.e. from the parent)

- Allow user to enable/disable mobile service (with exception of receiving call/sms from a specified mobile number) by themselves

- Allow parental to track the GPS location of the mobile.

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>> Allow parental to track the GPS location of the mobile.

Seems a little possessive. Besides if you really want to do this there is lots of apps that can be installed to do it. It's not something the carrier will do (not all phones have GPS).

I come across this ticket just now in October. It's frustating to see that no one from the LC team gave an answer to this question?

is it possible to just cut off the data when the allowance is used before the month is up?

Georgia, don't expect any answer from LC. They simply disregard any of these questions we post here. Your problem was my problem months ago. I end up paying $150 once in excess for one of my kids. The best way is to educate them. My kids now know that if they pass I'll cut their services. I passed the responsibilities to them. Be aware and let them know that any email from the company about the usage is behind 48 hours(!!!!). Yes!! they say they need 2 days to update the usage information. Would you believe that? Neither I. There was a program on TV the other night (Checkout) that showed that even Africa is updating the usage info quicker than us. technology? I don't think so. The real purpose is that people like us, with kids, misuse the data and pay very dearly for that. If you have a smart phone you probably have inbuilt a usage app or you can download one for free. If you have wifi at home, tell your kids to leave WIFI on, so you use your internet connectivity instead of using your LC service. Another think very important is that if you allow, your phone will check for email, update new software patches, and download junk automatically that will count on your data limit. We usually turn our phone off during the night and the kids only watch Youtube or use the phone more intensively when at home via WIFI. Hope I helped. Cheers. Valerio

Had a $560 bill recently for usage for a day data and they say the updates take place after 48 hours and if you have gone over the limit within that time they dont know about it...shocking... considering I pay $7.99 per month. I have set up if I go over the limit they deny me but it is not my fault that their system failed? Try getting soemone to talk to no one on the call firstly there is no number anywhere after days of search found one. Contacted a few times. No answer after few messages I have an email to say that they will deposit $250 into my account still $250 is a big amount for access when I have put settings in place. No money in the account as yet after 12 days.Maria


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