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How to cancel message bank?

Can someone advise how to cancel message bank, thanks!

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Hi Echo,

You can remove Voicemail diverts from your online account or by entering this code into your handset manually : ##XX# (then press 'Send' or 'Call').

Hope this helps!


Who do you address the txt message too??? Need my voicemail canceled ASAP!!
Hi Paul,

The SMS is sent to the code above (   ##XX#   )- you enter the code as if you were typing in a number and then send..

I've responded to your post on the other thread for you. I'm just awaiting your response.



Thankyou Corrie. Yes the Voicemail is now cancelled on my phone and I really appreciate it. 

However, I have searched extensively on this website under each of the headings - none of which are labelled 'Overview' and still can't find a button to turn the voice mail 'ON' or 'OFF'.

If I was having trouble finding it then I assume that other customers are having the same problem. Maybe your webpage designer should put this feature in a more logical/ prominent position on the webpage.

Hi Garry,

Ok, no worries and thank you for your feedback.

Please note that it is on the second page of your online account.

I've added screenshots of how to get to the feature you're after.

Thanks :-)

Firstly, simply log into your online account and it will bring you to the following Account Overview page..

Then select 'Overview'  to bring you to the page below:

Scroll down until you find the Diverts section and simply switch all Voicemail diverts to 'Off'.

Hope this helps!

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