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3g plans

Hey live connected 

I was just wondering where the 3g plans have gone as i was looking a purchasing one of the reasonable priced plans that you had to offer. Will these plans be coming back. Is there only going to be 4g plans that cost a lot money. I only saw the 3g plans up on the website last week and now there are 4g plans.

Thankyou Hope to here your response 

I am also wondering where the 3g plans have gone? I only need a 3g connection as my phone is not compatible with 4g and don't want to pay more for a service I am not going to be making use of.



Hi Dylan/Fiona,

The 3G BYO plans are now expired so you will need to select one of the new 'Rapid Plans'.

Even though this provides access to 4G, the service will default to 3G access where your handset is not capable for 4G so you will be able to use the service as normal :-)


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