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add date updated to used data gauge

If you really want to make the used data gauge useful and transparent for your customers to use, I would suggest adding a date to the gauge so we all know how old that information displayed is. I have recently seen the gauge jump from 80% to 100% which has caused me to go over my data allowance. If I knew exactly the date and time the reading was taken from this would help me track my spend better. 

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Hi Chris, 

Whilst we appreciate your feedback, our Live Data Meter and Itemised Records confirms this information. 

Our Live Data Meter is updated in 15 intervals, hence, the date should be the day you are viewing the meter. 

On the other hand, if you refer to the Itemised Records though these reports have a 48 hour delay, the dates are clearly stated through these documents. 

We can only presume that there was such little time between your 80% and 100% alert as you had performed a large amount of download in the recent week. 

If you would like a clearer indication on your data usage, I recommend that you review your itemised records. 

Thank you for taking the time to submit your thoughts. 

I hope that you enjoy your weekend!  

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