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SIM replacement

Hi. I have an iphone 4 which I am replacing with an iphone 5c. Can the existing SIM card be modified or do I need to have a replacement sent? I would appreciate your prompt attention to this request as I would like to use the new phone. Regards Jason Donaldson

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Hi Aleksi,

If you're an existing customer, you can simply request a replacement SIM via your online account.

$20 fee added to your account for all SIM replacements and we will ship that to you via express consignment.

If this is for a new service, you will simply need to hit the 'Buy Now' button on the website and follow the prompts to complete your application and we will dispatch your SIM once the application is complete.

For any further assistance you may need, please feel free to call us on (07) 3038 3068.


How do I order a nano sim for my new iPhone 5c?

Hi Jason,

Sorry for the delay in responding.

If the SIM size is different ( other than cutting down from standard to micro) then you will need to request a replacement SIM card which will incur a $20 fee.

You will be able to request the correct replacement SIM size from your online account.

As you will be changing from a micro to a nano it seems that this will be necessary.

Hope this helps!


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