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Vaya / LC APN Knowledgebase

The idea is to capture & list 4G verified APN settings by:

1) phone type; and

2) ios/android version.

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Samsung Galaxy S3

Model number GT-I9300

(This is the 3G model not the 4G one - not sure if it matters)

Android Ver - 4.1.2 

Delete any existing APN

Create a new APN with the following attributes...

Name - Optus WEB


Proxy - leave blank / not set

Port - leave blank / not set fact leave everything else was left blank or not set except...

MCC - 505

MNC - 02

Authentication type - PAP

APN type - default

APN protocol - IPv4 (although this was greyed out and couldn't be changed anyway)

Bearer - Unspecified


Require new APN settings for HTC one xl as not able to use internet...

Hi All,

Apologies for the late response!

The APN settings should be:



Kind regards,

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