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Optus to Optus

Hi there,


Im sure this is a constant question with you guys, so I am with optus, my plan ended in December, but would like to transfer number and all over to you guys and get one of ur plans, is this an easy process?


thank you

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Hi Aaron,

Thanks for your post!

Yep-  it's as simple as nominating the service information ( number and account/provider) for the number you would like to bring across to us during the sign up process. Once you receive the SIM  pack, you can either call us on (07) 3038 3068 or activate your service online.

We are able to bring across any active service number- just ensure that the account holder's details (Date of Birth) match what has been provided in the application so the appropriate authority is obtained.

Any questions- please feel free to let me know :-)

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