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What is Pro-rata billing?



This articles explains pro rata billing.





what is pro rata billing

Pro-rata billing refers to being charged or receivng part or proportion of a fee or benefit on your bill. Pro-rata billing applies to monthly fees and monthly cap inclusions 


 when does pro rata apply

Pro-rata billing will apply if:

  • Your service is newly connected to us
  • Your service is reconnected
  • A change of ownership of the service occurs
  • Your service is cancelled 


 pro rata on the final bill

When your service is cancelled your final bill will include a pro rated access fee, this is to make sure we don't charge you more than you've used. So for example if you leave half way through the billing cycle, you'll only be charged for half the access fee and your included benefits will also be pro rated in the same ratio. 



Please be aware that the following calculations are estimations only and do not provide the exact figure for the pro-rated values. 

We have based the following as though the plan that you are on is the (Spring) Medium (M), with an access fee of $60.00 per month for handsets and $22.00 per month BYO.  The following calculation will allow you to estimate your pro rated access fees and allowances:

Days in the Month - Date of Activation or Disconnection = Number of Days Active.  Therefore if your service was activated on 15/07/2012, the total days that your service was active is 16 (31 - 15) active days.  16 days is approximately 52% (16 ÷ 31) of the month.

Below is a table on how this affects your monthly fees and allowances:

(H) = Handset Plan

Item/Allowance                      Full Month Allowances              Pro Rated Allowances (52%)     
Access Fee (Medium Plan)   $60.00 (H) or $22.00 inc GST $31.20 (H) or $11.44 inc GST
Talk to Anyone   $700 inc GST $364 inc GST
Talk to Live Connected   Unlimited Unlimited
Text Unlimited Unlimited
Included Data 1.5GB (1500MB) 0.78GB (780MB)

this is useful information

Great thankyou , Explains it perfectly

i like to thank  live connected team for porting my number great efort thanks guys,and the pro rata billing is explained perfict.i will recomend to my friends.cheers alex .d

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